Let the journey begin

Yes, I was late for check in for my 6 a.m. depart out of O’hare. But when the man behind the counter said my flight is getting ready to board, my whole face went still, and I almost dropped my over – stuffed hiking pack to the floor. I Struggled to pull my phone from my jean jacket to see what time it was. Damn! He was right. It was 5:42. He further informed me it would be a hundred bucks for a same day change! After a little freak out in my head, he lowered the fee to $40 and said I could be booked on a 9 a.m. flight. Wheeewww! This whole airport adventure got me thinking of how I wish I was just on my bike. Why can’t I just bike to Spain! Where’s the bridge for the bikes! Wishful thinking, I know, but still I couldn’t help but long for the freedom of the bike. Well, check back, because this is just the start of a blog on my journey to Spain.


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