Basic Bicycle Maintenance

Having knowledge of basic bicycle maintenance enables radical self reliance and personal empowerment.

Pedal to the People often encounters bicycle malfunctions that are an “easy fix” for a highly trained, well experience Bicycle Mechanic.

Adam Clark, Founder & On-site Repair Man at Pedal to the People encourages clients to watch as he makes repairs on their bike. He happily walks through the steps of repair and answers any questions along the way.

Why? Does he do this, you say.

Here, at Pedal to the People it is our mission to increase the number of cyclists in Chicago. Which is why it is important to also impart our knowledge upon those who are willing to learn.

Taking this one step further, we will be teaching classes during this Bike Winter Season at different locations throughout the windy city. Courses are being catered to people with different levels of interest.

Our goal is to make it inviting!!

Get ready! And, look out for more information about bicycle classes coming your way.

Mobile Bicycle Repair

Adam Clark with Pedal to the People


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