The Ultimate Question, Answered!!

Shop Mama, Carly, met an Equity Investments Lawyer last week while out at a bar. (Go figure!) Once she gained an understanding of what “equity investments” meant, she grasped the opportunity to gain some knowledge.

She asked, What do you look for when deciding whether or not to invest?

The gentleman answered.  I ask one question every time. 

Will you share with me that question, Sir? Shop Mama, replied.

Of course, he said…

And now, That we’re back at work and have had plenty of time to think it through. Here, ladies & gentlemen is the Answer to the Ultimate Question!! (42)

–  (trumpets) –

Pedal to the People is a convenient bicycle service. We ride to you!!

We provide general repair and emergency care.

We build custom bikes & trailers. We spread knowledge through our maintenance and repair classes. Provide access to accessories of all kinds and only to quality parts that we believe in. We also do fleet maintenance.

Our customers are everyone. Utilitarians, dog-walkers, bicycle commuters & would be cyclists.

  • Over half of our clientele are women, of all ages.
  • 80% of our customers live alone without families.
  • Over 50% of the people whose bikes we service live in condo buildings and high-rises.
  • Our primary demographic has proven to be entrepreneur’s who either work from home or in an office.
  • We frequent city-centric areas or northernly neighborhoods.

People choose our business because our service is unique.

We work on their turf and on their time.

The alternative simply takes more effort and is less interesting.



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