Adam’s Artist Statement

( : Flower of Like Takes Flight : )

( : Flower of Like Takes Flight : )

I create work with a balance of vision and process to inspire and uplift, especially the cycling community. Within this community is a culture of symmetry and power recognized as a universal language. I believe this community creates worldwide positive change. I am proud to be part of this community that always cares, educates and rides a path of inspiration.

There’s something powerful about riding a bicycle because I’m creating my own mobility. I’m in control of where I go and explore. Working with steel has the same effect on me. When I move the heat of my torch over the steel, it changes color and welcomes other materials such as brass or silver.

In creating these works, I challenge myself to reuse materials retired from it’s initial function. I might use spokes from a wheel that has had its shape changed. Unable to use for mobility, it maybe that the wheel’s material has now presented it’s self in a different form. I can share and celebrate with you how the bicycle’s material can still be admired for what it is.

Look for Adam’s 8ft. sculpture at this year’s Chicago Bike Winter Art Show! Happening in two places from February 15- March 15, 2013. 

Ride Safely! 


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