Where to Repair Standards for Mobile Service

As a mobile bicycle repair shop, Pedal to the People encounters a wide variety of work space opportunity. 

The idea of having a shop on a trailer that allows our mechanics to do their work anywhere is certainly innovative.In having a mobile bicycle shop, the question of where to actually perform the repair plays a role each time we do a service.

It also actively promotes the freedom & accessibility made possible by the bicycle! Thanks to this we are able to repair bikes anywhere!! 

After 3 years of doing mobile repair in Chicago Adam Clark, has come up with quality guidelines on WHERE TO PERFORM BICYCLE REPAIR:

  • Where people are able to see you work

    Pedal to the People

    Mobile bicycle repair reaches the sidewalks of Ukrainian Village.

  • Never in an alley. That’s where garbage goes. It stinks! Our workers are worthy of respect.
  • Not in a parking garage. It is unhealthy.
  • Sidewalks are good so long as it’s allowed.
  • Anywhere where bikes are normally kept.
  • Events, Farmer’s Markets & Block parties
  • Front yards & kitchens are okay!

When repairing bicycles in the skyscrapers & condo buildings downtown it is important to keep to these standards.

Some buildings may even have a DEDICATED BIKE ROOM. Which is of course a good place to get to work.

Pedal to the People appreciates invitations!! We’ve been to multiple university campuses, major musical events, local & family gatherings, we even pull right into your office (if you let us).

Being mobile is fun. Let us help you ride safely too!!

: ) ( : 


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