This is Pedal To The People


Pedal To The People Fabricates bicycle “Curbee”

Pedal To The People Fabricates bicycle “Curbee”

Check out what we made! It is an awesome collaborative project to see in action!

Happy to be here.

What are we all trying to do?

Why are we blogging? Is there a point to all this social media hype?

Getting it out?

Well…Hell yes!

I’ve been thinking to long about just what it means to type down words.

They can be haunting, hurtful, helpful and loving…etc.

I was inspired by another fellow human, that is an inspiration to me to write.

This is not simply a blog about a bicycle business I started. It’s about connecting to you, and being inspired by YOU!

After all, I have a lot to share with the world! And I bet you do to, so start communicating! It’s all we have!

Where to Repair Standards for Mobile Service

As a mobile bicycle repair shop, Pedal to the People encounters a wide variety of work space opportunity. 

The idea of having a shop on a trailer that allows our mechanics to do their work anywhere is certainly innovative.In having a mobile bicycle shop, the question of where to actually perform the repair plays a role each time we do a service.

It also actively promotes the freedom & accessibility made possible by the bicycle! Thanks to this we are able to repair bikes anywhere!! 

After 3 years of doing mobile repair in Chicago Adam Clark, has come up with quality guidelines on WHERE TO PERFORM BICYCLE REPAIR:

  • Where people are able to see you work

    Pedal to the People

    Mobile bicycle repair reaches the sidewalks of Ukrainian Village.

  • Never in an alley. That’s where garbage goes. It stinks! Our workers are worthy of respect.
  • Not in a parking garage. It is unhealthy.
  • Sidewalks are good so long as it’s allowed.
  • Anywhere where bikes are normally kept.
  • Events, Farmer’s Markets & Block parties
  • Front yards & kitchens are okay!

When repairing bicycles in the skyscrapers & condo buildings downtown it is important to keep to these standards.

Some buildings may even have a DEDICATED BIKE ROOM. Which is of course a good place to get to work.

Pedal to the People appreciates invitations!! We’ve been to multiple university campuses, major musical events, local & family gatherings, we even pull right into your office (if you let us).

Being mobile is fun. Let us help you ride safely too!!

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