This is Pedal To The People


Happy to be here.

What are we all trying to do?

Why are we blogging? Is there a point to all this social media hype?

Getting it out?

Well…Hell yes!

I’ve been thinking to long about just what it means to type down words.

They can be haunting, hurtful, helpful and loving…etc.

I was inspired by another fellow human, that is an inspiration to me to write.

This is not simply a blog about a bicycle business I started. It’s about connecting to you, and being inspired by YOU!

After all, I have a lot to share with the world! And I bet you do to, so start communicating! It’s all we have!

Public Service Announcement

POP!! Pssss.

Flat tires are too frequent problem in bicycle repair. Especially, with how simple they are to prevent.

Pedal to the People, the mobile bicycle shop, asks that you please check your tire pressure in order to insure that you ride safely.

Be sure the air reaches the minimum amount of pressure labled on the side of your tire. Especially, after storing your bike away for the winter. The temperature drop deflates the air from your tire- just like a balloon! A tire popping is an easy way to make you fall down and go boom!

Have a professional to perform a Spring Safety Check? Call Pedal to the People at 773-355-0882. We ride to you!!

Basic Bicycle Repair DIY How-to Courses for the People of Chicago

Pedal to the People, Chicago’s own mobile bicycle service is geared toward teaching others the simple steps of bicycle maintenance & repair.

Pedal to the People

How to wheel true. Part of the Homesteading Series at the ReBuilding Exchange

Have you ever gotten your chain stuck due to a sticky derailleur in freezing temperatures? Would you like to feel empowered to perform your own bicycle repair?

Adam Clark, Certified Bicycle Technician from the United Bicycle Institute has the skills to show you what you need to know to take the tools into your own hands with confidence!

Identify pivot points on a bike. Discover the many ways to make a tire flat & find how simple it is to fix! Break down bicycle jargon into comprehendible terms.  And, get your hands dirty!! 

(Don’t worry, we have Super Soap).

Hands on classes begin in January, 2013! Hosted at the Ribcage.

Stay tuned for specific dates, course out-lines & more exciting news.

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