Pedal To The People Fabricates bicycle “Curbee”

Pedal To The People Fabricates bicycle “Curbee”

Check out what we made! It is an awesome collaborative project to see in action!


That bicycle will take you anywhere.

Another thought while riding my bike today.

I live in Chicago and run a company called Pedal To The People. I was a bike courier here for three winters and can say I’ve changed up my style a bit. I obey when common sense rules, but had a thought today while riding…

That is, when I stopped and thought about what’s behind the wheel of whatever car, truck, semi, the fear of the zoo out there goes away, cause it’s just another human being. The semi never ran over that biker that got doored, it was the man not thinking. I can tell so much about a person simply by the way they drive. I drive once in awhile. It’s not fun! You really have to pay attention and go slow. It’s just ridiculous how uncaring a lot of people are. But hey, Life is good, Right?

Most of our customers will not ride in the winter because it’s too cold. But the two biggest reasons are 1. Fear of cars 2. It’s too much work.

I’ve been on a mission to solve the second one,
but the first one, the number one reason is something out of my control.

I’m lucky to be alive, but it’s exhausting, depressing when I think of all the work there is to be done to lure people out of their cars without sounding like a life coach.

I only started riding a bike because it was fun.

Public Service Announcement

POP!! Pssss.

Flat tires are too frequent problem in bicycle repair. Especially, with how simple they are to prevent.

Pedal to the People, the mobile bicycle shop, asks that you please check your tire pressure in order to insure that you ride safely.

Be sure the air reaches the minimum amount of pressure labled on the side of your tire. Especially, after storing your bike away for the winter. The temperature drop deflates the air from your tire- just like a balloon! A tire popping is an easy way to make you fall down and go boom!

Have a professional to perform a Spring Safety Check? Call Pedal to the People at 773-355-0882. We ride to you!!